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Vortrag: Reverse Engineering a pocket synthesizer

from nothing to custom firmware on the OP-1

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This talk will show how easily anyone can modify the software running on the OP-1, how this was discovered and what can be done.
Including what could be done in the future with more reversing work.

The OP-1 by Teenage Engineering is an awesome little device that contains a small studio in the footprint of a large chocolate bar.
It contains synthesizer engines, a 4-track tape recorder emulation, drum samplers, a multitude of effects, LFOs, EQs, sample recording from integrated FM radio....

But TE also has some features hidden in there and releases updates of the OS running on the device from time to time.
During Musikmesse 2016 they showed a preview-beta-OS that fans have been waiting for almost 2 years.

Since the final version of that beta is still not out, people were eager to get it and it subsequently leaked onto the internet. Since I had a minor look into the OP-1 firmware already after I got mine (2014), I was interested in the differences between the old and the new, so I made a "diff" of the two extracted firmwares and posted it on the popular OP-1 web forum

This sparked so much interest that I continued my effort to upload a firmware with tiny modifications to the OP-1 and it all went downhill from there ;o)

I will present the way we got there, what we made possible and how even more fun could be achieved with this magical device.


Tag: 03.09.2016
Anfang: 16:15 Uhr
Dauer: 00:45
Raum: Kreißsaal (Saal 1.11)
Track: Talks
Sprache: de




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