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Workshop: Keysigning done right - and fast

Jeden mit neuen Signaturen verarzten

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We're going to do some OpenPGP keysigning. Worried about not having registered? About not having a trusted printer to print a list? About having to secure your printouts for the coming days? About producing signatures according to best practices? Don't worry any longer and just show up with your laptop.

"Keysigning Parties" are currently the way to strengthen the Web of Trust. But those suck: You only get fingerprints instead of beer. Let's save time for the latter by securely transmitting the former. We not only save time to focus on more important things, we also gain security by not having to care about obtaining an authentic copy of the key.

This workshop will introduce you to GNOME Keysign, a software designed to help you with your OpenPGP keysigning needs. After a brief presentation, we will actually sign our keys with the software and troubleshoot problems.


Tag: 03.09.2016
Anfang: 16:15 Uhr
Dauer: 01:45
Raum: Intensivstation (Workshops)
Track: Talks



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