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Vortrag: NexMon - Make Wi-Fi hacking on smartphones great again!

Reverse engineering of the Nexus 5 Wi-Fi chip

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We reverse engineered the firmware of the Wi-Fi chip used in the Google Nexus 5 smartphone in order to introduce changes to its functionality. Based on our analysis we were able to enable the monitor mode on the Nexus 5.

This talk shows what necessary steps to enable monitor mode in the Nexus 5. We describe the structure of the Wi-Fi chip as well as the components of the firmware.

Apart from enabling the monitor mode we implemented a whole framework to make firmware modifications as easy as possible.


Tag: 02.09.2016
Anfang: 19:00 Uhr
Dauer: 00:45
Raum: Chirurgie (Saal 1.04)
Track: Talks
Sprache: de




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