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Vortrag: BABYBE emotional Prosthetics

Bootstrap the worlds 1st IOT Medical Device into a real Medical Product

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Babybe develops products that improve the development and rehabilitation of early babies and strengthen mother-child bonding. The company’s products include a soft bionic mattress that works as an add-on system for incubators as it replicates the mother’s chest in all its nuances with a feedback connection giving out real sensor data from the mother. However focus of this talk is on the story "how to bring such a device to the market without any financial support" (->Bootstrap). Building a doctors community around the product. And as an extra: how to deal with IOT Security

Presentation Key points:
*How to bootstrap from an Idea into areal medical device
*Obstacles along the way
*IOT security solutions for Medical Devices


Tag: 04.09.2016
Anfang: 14:30 Uhr
Dauer: 00:45
Raum: Chirurgie (Saal 1.04)
Track: Talks
Sprache: en




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