mrmcd 2016
diagnose: kritisch
2.-4. september 2016
hochschule darmstadt


Next, please!

Security issues in soft- and hardware have a low chance of healing, especially in medical IT.

Despite years of therapy using code reviews and programming guidelines, we still face huge amounts of vulnerable software that probably is in need of palliative treatment.

Security vulnerabilities caused by the invasion of IT in the medical sector are becoming real threats. From insulin pumps over analgesic pumps through to pace makers, more and more medical devices have been hacked already. This year's motto "mrmcd2016 - diagnosis:critical" stands summarizing for the current state of the whole IT sector.

The MetaRheinMainChaosDays (MRMCD) are an annual IT conference of the Chaos Computer Club (CCC) with a slight focus on IT security. MRMCD have been taking place in the Rhine-Main area for over 10 years. Ever since 2012 we cooperate with the the faculty of computer science of the University of Applied Sciences Darmstadt (h_da). Apart from the conference program, the MRMCD provide the opportunity of exchanges with IT experts in a relaxed atmosphere.

Over the course of three days we will talk about a variety of issues, such as the critical condition of data security of the electronic health insurance card, security issues with clinical networks and the use of medical robots. As if that was not enough, we will also offer more general topics, talking about hacker culture, current affairs and miscellaneous IT security topics.

The clinic management welcomes submissions and ideas for talks and other activities. 
There is still a ray of hope that the MRMCD can help to speed up recovery in IT security.

Tickets for the MRMCD are available at low prices in pre-sale. As usual, there will be an all-day breakfast including caffeine therapy for every participant.

Our hospital management wishes you a speedy recovery!

Get well soon!